Planning and Design Services

With an emphasis towards quality and value, my goal is to help all types of restaurateurs take their project to completion by providing the following planning and design services:

  • Preliminary Site Feasibility Study
  • Building Code Analysis
  • Seating Capacity and Projected Sale
  • Full Service Layout
  • City Planning, Code Issues, Permit Assistance
  • Environmental Health Final Review Process
  • Equipment Budget Costs
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • General Contractor Kitchen Consultation
  • Equipment Delivering
  • Installation Supervision

Opening a Restaurant

Much like a recipe, opening a restaurant requires all the necessary ingredients for success. Upon leaving a restaurant, customers rave about the atmosphere and the
delicious food but they never know that the key ingredient begins well before the doors open, the coordination between a food facility planner, owner, chef and interior designer. The food facility planner keeps all of their desires in mind and at the same time provides function and flow for a successful restaurant or nightclub.