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Enter La Terza, a new Italian restaurant that the Osteria's chef and owner, Gino Angelini, has opened on Third Street. For years, Angelini has been cooking L.A.'s most authentic Italian food, and La Terza is the restaurant he's always dreamed of opening.

Without the constrictions of Angelini Osteria's small kitchen (which was not much bigger than your average home kitchen), Angelini called on Mark Teepper to create and Deisgn a kitchen with the space and equipment tp give him the luxury to cook whatever he wants. Every day, he fires up the wood-burning rotisserie and roasts Sonoma leg of lamb, ducks, squabs or whatever else inspires him. Fish and big steaks go onto the wood-fired grill, and the tantalizing aroma of wood-smoke welcomes everyone who steps into this sleek contemporary restaurant.

He's had the room to install a wood-burning rotisserie and grill, room for an outdoor terrace, a bar and lounge, and on the mezzanine, a private room and wine cellar ( visible from the floor of the dining room ascending 20 feet in wall) with a separate pastry and pasta room upstairs.

Gino Angelini

Claudio Blotta,
G.M Campanile
V.P. La Brea Bakery.